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Here are a few of my top tips to help you get the most out of your Disney World vacation. Try to do each park twice for a half day or night each.  And when you do each park for the first time – get there BEFORE it opens.  This is my BIGGEST tip.  Get to each park BEFORE it opens, and then get out of there around lunchtime.  I GUARANTEE you will do and see more in those first few hours than you will for the rest of day and night combined.  The just rotate each of those early park mornings with a lie in and chill out by pool.  Then when you return to each park for your second visit go in afternoon or evening.

You should also plan you park visit days around two things:

  • Special hours ,Disney give their hotel guests an hour earlier or a few hours later at a different park each day. You need to AVOID whichever parks these special hours are, as they will be rammed.
  • Special shows or events.  Hollywood Studios has this great evening show called FANTASMIC. but it only runs 2 or 3 nights a week, so you need to plan your visit to Hollywood studios on a night time to fit in with this show.  Same for evening firework shows at the other parks.
  • EPCOT has a laser and fireworks show every night at 9pm.  Magic Kingdom does most nights.
  • Don’t wait until you are in each park to then stand around and decide which Disney Rides to do first, as 10,000 people run past you.  On your first day get a map for each park (or download them before you go) and plan on your way to the parks, or the night before what everyone wants to do, so when you get into the park first thing you get them done first.  You can then chill out and take it easy, get an early lunch and enjoy the sites, why everyone else is only just arriving a the park.
  • Use FASTPASSES to your advantage.  Fastpasses are the system Disney uses to allow you to get a ‘timed’ slot for their most popular Disney Rides and attractions.  However most people wrongly assume that you HAVE to do the attraction within the 1 hour time slot on your fast pass.  This is NOT TRUE.  You can use your fastpass   ANYTIME after the time slot begins – even later that night!!!!.  Once your time slot begins you are also allowed to get another FASTPASS for another attraction.  So you should use this trick to your advantage and COLLECT fast passes throughout the day, and only use them when its CONVENIENT for you.

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